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SugarDitch Communications supports underserved schools in The Delta by creating forward-looking narratives.


We are supremely focused on echoing a more positive portrayal of minority students, overlooked groups, and rural communities. 


Services include strategic public relations, branding, video production, photography, crisis communication, messaging, media relations, marketing, and content creation. 


Let us transform the way you tackle outreach, alumni relations, parental engagement, and strategic public relations.


  • Film Production

  • Photography

  • Branding

  • Public Relations

  • Recruitment  

  • Campaigns

  • Student Recognition 

  • Classroom Documentation 

  • Special Events

  • Sports Packages

  • Athletic Promotion

  • Program Promotion

  • Logo Design

  • Crisis Communication

Partner Packages


This option is ideal for short-term contracts and campaigns. 


The monthly retainer fee is based on district and municipality size. Projects are determined at the beginning of the contract after the completion of a needs analysis.


This flat-rate option works best for a single, one-day film shoot that requires post-production editing. Examples include graduation, prom, senior functions, sports coverage, and other special events.


The annual rate option is best -suited for those needing a complete brand overhaul who may or may not have an existing communications department. These contracts typically begin in July.

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